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General Site-related questions:

  • "Why start a forum when we have chats like Discord?"
  • While chats are definitely valuable means of communication, they do have a number of shortcomings. You are generally limited to people who happen to be online at the same time as you. This can not only be inconsistent but also very limiting as you can be totally isolated from dialog with users who are in vastly different timezones. Discussions can quickly scroll off far into the past, and so you can easily miss discussions that might interest you, as well as have things you post lost to others who stop by later because it's scrolled too far back. While Discord has "channels" based on topics, separate discussions within each get jumbled all together without organization and it can get chaotic/messy. Forums solve all of these problems. Discussion threads are kept distinct and organized, and you can carry on a dialog with people hours or even days apart. And it's easy to "catch up" and make sure you've seen everything new that interests you. Forums also tend to foster more thoughtful discussions and people tend to put more effort into writing longer posts of higher quality, providing far more meaningful and worthwhile discussions. And you have an ongoing, searchable record of past discussions.
  • "Are you trying to seal users away from Discord?"
  • Not at all. I see a forum as being complimentary to realtime chat, versus being a competitive medium. Each meets different needs and both can harmoniously co-exist.
  • "Is this an attempt to make money?"
  • Not at all. I have a good paying day job as well as a side hustle, so I don't need or look at this site as a source of income. This is purely a labor of love.
  • "How do you cover the costs of running this site then?"
  • I already have webhosting by virtue of several other sites I run, so adding another is no big deal. My other income already covers the costs of webhosting, and domains are cheap. I will probably set up a Patreon/donation system eventually for people who want to contribute towards the improvement of the site. Anything that comes from that will go towards advertising this site on podcasts, and anything that improves the site and costs money such as hiring a designer to make custom themes. If we end up with an excess of donations, I'll hold contests and giveaways.
  • "Can you add an online chat?"
  • I can, but I'm not inclined to. I don't want to poach users/activity from the Discord servers of various podcasts. I feel that chat is best left to Discord, and instead this site can compliment them rather than compete. If for some reason there's a strong desire for a chat here to perhaps provide a unified chat environment, I might consider it but for the time being I'm inclined against it.
  • "I don't like the theme. Can you make a better one? Or a dark version?"
  • This is planned. One prerequisite is for the forum software to official reach version 2.1 (we're currently running a "release candidate" version). At that point, theme designers will kick into high-gear as they will find it safe to work on themes now that the version is safely on an official release. I can then use any donated funds to contribute towards not only a better, custom theme, but also a dark version that can be user-selectable.
  • "Who are you?"
  • I am probably older than you think... a technology enthusiast and professional in world of computers. I owned an original NES back when it was the current thing, have over 50 games on my Wii (which I still play) and am a big fan of the Switch. I am very loyal to Nintendo for my gaming and have never owned an XBox or Playstation. I live in a small rural corner of the USA and am more than happy to use my computer skills and free time to provide a useful environment for Nintendo-related gaming discussion.

Site How-To:

  • "How do I set a profile picture/avatar?"
  • Click on your user name at the very top in the upper-left corner. On the pop-down menu that appears, choose Forum Profile
  • "How do I enable two-factor authentication?"
  • Click on your user name at the very top in the upper-left corner. On the pop-down menu that appears, choose Account Settings. You'll find the settings for two-factor authentication under the section where you set your email address. On your smartphone, you'll want to install the Google Authenticator app. Use that to scan the QR code.

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