Orion promises a larger portable screen for your Switch

Started by Æon, Nov 26, 2021, 01:26 PM

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QuoteEver since the release of the Nintendo Switch®, more than 80 million gamers globally have made gaming on the go a huge part of their daily ritual. Unfortunately, many of these gamers also believe that this handheld gaming experience is a bit underwhelming because of the miniscule size of the current Nintendo Switch® screen. That's why the team at Up-Switch created the all-new ORION™ for gamers craving a larger and more immersive gaming experience without giving up portability. By increasing your actual gaming screen size by 188% and upgrading your audio experience with the integrated stereo speakers, your Nintendo Switch® combined with ORION will deliver the gaming experience that every gamer deserves!

It's time to play your favorite Nintendo Switch® games without compromise!



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