Rumor: Microsoft Bringing Game Pass And Published Titles To Switch

Started by Æon, Feb 22, 2019, 11:02 AM

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QuoteAccording to a report from outlet Direct Feed Games, an outlet that has a strong track record for rumors especially centering around Nintendo, Microsoft and Nintendo are about to get together in a big way in the near future. Not only will some Microsoft games find their way to the Switch, but it looks like the entire Game Pass library might arrive via the magic of streaming.


Really hope this ends up being true. Microsoft first party titles aside, I just really want all of the Rare games to come over to Switch


The Nintendo Switch potentially becoming a major streaming console would really benefit it, as it would be able to experience games that never saw a port, and also allow Nintendo Switch players to experience potential Microsoft-exclusives, such as the Halo series.


I'm of two minds about this. On one hand, there are some XBox (or XBox+PS) only games I'd love to play. On the other hand:

1) I don't like the idea of streaming games. It's unrealistic based upon the actual state of internet connections in the USA. There are tons of people who hardly get 5 Mbit/s, and I have plenty of clients who are less than that. I even know many users who can't get cable or DSL where they live, or have cell service. I think people who live in cities live in a "reality distortion bubble" and are clueless about how the rest of the non-city USA is. I have 50 Mbit/s DSL but I still buy my movies and TV shows on disc because of numerous advantages of doing so.

2) I'm venomously against giving Microsoft any money, because of BS they've pulled in the past. I've been boycotting them both for eons.


Maybe not?


QuoteThere has been a lot of talk out there about Game Pass on the Switch. I'm hearing from multiple sources that is not happening. Let me qualify, that is definitely not happening in the near term. I can't ever say never, because Microsoft wants Game Pass on TV's, they want it on PC's, they want it on Xbox, they want it everywhere with their XCloud stuff, but as of right now I am hearing from multiple people that it isn't coming to the Switch. Obviously things could change and all that good stuff, but yeah don't expect Game Pass on the Switch anytime soon. At least that is what I'm hearing.

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