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1TB MicroSD cards are coming

Started by Æon, Feb 25, 2019, 12:48 PM

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Micron and Sandisk have announced upcoming 1TB MicroSD cards. The Micron will have 100MB/s read speed versus 160MB/s on the Sandisk. This speed is typical of the Sandisk "Extreme" line, while the cheaper "Ultra" is around 100MB/s.

Due to the wear-leveling used in the Extreme line, as well as the improved read speed, I've typically bought those for most applications. I haven't run out of space on my 128GB yet but I've been watching the cost of the 400GB Sandisk Extreme drop steadily over time. It's currently only $110 on Amazon, w


Super expensive but i'm glad we're finally getting into the terabyte range for SD card storage. Don't think i'll need to upgrade for a while (still using my 200gb card) but the future-proofing is re-assuring.


I should go and double-check how much space I have free. I deleted a bunch of demos and that helped. I suppose I'm just looking for an excuse to upgrade the storage. :D But realistically, it doesn't make sense to buy the extra until you actually need it, otherwise you wasted money on space just sitting there for monts/years unused. Versus waiting until you're really needing it and then saving money because it's dropped so much in price by then.

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