Metroid Prime devs put GameCube dev kit in freezer to fix post-release issue

Started by Æon, Nov 12, 2022, 12:13 PM

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QuoteBelieve it or not, the developers at Retro Studios working on Metroid Prime back in the day actually put their dev kit in a freezer while attempting to fix a particular issue that affected a small portion of GameCube owners.

Jack Mathews, a technical lead engineer that worked on the project, shared this story while reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the game. Nintendo had shipped a "bad batch" of GameCubes that affected the CPU, but it turns out that Metroid Prime was the only game that wasn't working properly. Because of this, animated objects weren't acting the way they normally would on any other console.

To test the issue, Retro Studios was using a single dev kit with the irregular CPU, but it had to be "freezer cold." That meant the team "literally had to put the kit in the freezer, test the game for 15 minutes tops, then start all over."

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