Article: 26 Years Later, The Best RPG Ever Made Still Lives Up To The Hype

Started by Æon, Jan 02, 2022, 11:37 AM

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Tom Regan over at Inverse has a great article where is goes into how he finally gave Chrono Trigger a try after contracting COVID-19. Excerpt: 

Quote"Two decades later, the siren call of Square's SNES opus finally became too loud to ignore. At games industry events, I couldn't help but notice how Chrono Trigger was able to send grown adults on a misty-eyed nostalgia trip with a passing mention. Struggling to keep up with modern releases, I continued to hold out — until I contracted Covid-19. Stuck at home sweating and shivering, while the spherical cells scuttled their way through my lungs, the world before me drifted in and out of focus. Time slowed to a crawl. Days and night blurred into one and mucus spluttered out of my lungs like Dragon Quest's leaping slimes. As my strength slowly returned, I was still stuck isolating in my London flat.

It was time to appease the gamer gatekeepers at last..."

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